Chicago, Illinois


As our society has become paycheck and profession-obsessed regardless of their circumstances, many people have let their companies dictate their lives and become more tired, less happy, uncommunicative with close ones, and prone to seek vices to escape misery. While feeling no peace they feel like they have no time for pleasure, exercise, friends, family, and extra opportunities for education and increased knowledge.

It’s hard for people to be at peace with themselves when they have goals, work, public, family, and peer pressures causing them stress. They ruminate into negative thoughts, feel overly burdened, mistreat themselves with unhealthy convenience products and comfort food, and perform activities that reduce the brain’s ability to focus, worsen sleep quality, and exacerbate the quality of living. Thanks to such lifestyles the United States’ average life expectancy has annually dropped from 2016 to 2018 and is likely to drop below the current age of 78.6, approximately 4 years lower than Canada’s.

One way to reverse this is through refined eating habits and meditative practice. Both have been proven to reduce stress and give you the energy and self-care you need to be the person you choose to become and those dependent on you rely on. By having energy and self-care through great eating habits and meditative practice, you can live the life you want and handle adversity when new obstacles come in your way.

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