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You are not What you Consume

When you were born into the world, you never knew what was out there. You were considered special as you came out of the womb. Except, as you grew, your environments had shaped you to be attracted to things that looked tempting and even tasty. It could have been due to who you were around, where you were, or how things looked.

Suddenly, as you remained accustomed to those things, you felt incomplete without them. You may have even overconsumed or gorged on these things so that your cravings could be satisfied. But what happened when you let them go?

Did it make you a worse family member, parent, partner, friend, colleague, or person?

 When you say things such as “I am craving that cookie,” “I am dying to try that new restaurant,” or “I can’t live without wine,” you never ask yourself questions that embody what makes you special.

How will I be a better family member, parent, partner, friend, colleague, or person?

What can I do to be of service to others?

We are not our thoughts, but we are rational beings who have the capabilities to practice self-reflection. When we self-reflect, we can be in touch with our true selves and realize that what we thought we once needed can be forgotten. The things that make us whole daily, give us purpose to look forward to each day, and help us be grateful for how beautiful life is is what we truly need. Needs are meant for survival and our well-being. Feeling tempted is just a thought, and, as you come to realize that, you will eventually notice that you are fine the way you are. 

Even if you make mistakes, you are still fine as you are. It’s not because mistakes are acceptable. In fact, by saying I am fine the way I am means that you have room to grow. 

You have unlimited potential to grow. Grow right ahead.

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