Chicago, Illinois

About RenewYou

RenewYou is a personal energy renewal company that combines nutrition and meditation practice to help people lower their stress levels and reach their truest potential. It was inspired by a life-changing event that happened to Rajiv in September 2018 as he was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. He suffered a left broken wrist and left leg contusion and was expected to be out of my cast in nine weeks.

Prior to his injury, he was an avid exerciser who liked working out to eat more. His diet would consist of excess meat and vegetables and starches with sugary snacks like chocolate and granola bars to compensate for the remaining hunger. To heal faster, he decided to radically change his eating habits and add meditation as a spiritual practice to withstand the throbbing pain after having learned the practice at a retreat one month earlier.

Through both, he not only altered the way he ate but no longer craved unhealthy foods like he once did and gained an increased will to walk and even run between 4 to 5.5 miles several times per week. He also became more flexible in his yoga practice and gained more character by having empathy for others and sympathy for those who agitated or offended him.

Rajiv’s cast was ultimately removed three weeks after his accident and his arm fully healed less than two weeks afterward. Once he was cleared to live normally, he decided to make RenewYou his life calling and a serviceable purpose to others whose personal energy would replenish for their life purposes.

RenewYou’s mission is to help people live with mental consistency and healthfulness to where they worry less and have improved self-esteem and fitness levels, performance, and personal relationships. RenewYou is not about trying to look good. It’s about people feeling their best so they can do more with the time they have, become more skilled and not have to rely on willpower. Best of all, you can live to your personal values and be there for you and others you work with and care about.