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Is 8 Glasses of Water an Artificial Number?

As a substance that makes up nearly 80 percent of the human brain, water is emphasized as a must-drink to prevent dehydration, confusion, dizziness, and weight gain. Still, the amount of water to drink might be mythical as no one set of glasses fit all people and the amount varies based on demographics such as…
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What happened when I stopped drinking alcohol.

I have gone 5 Months without Drinking. Boy, I feel Great!

Everybody enjoys a good drink after work, on the weekends, or during occasions where there is a need to celebrate. Conversely (and unfortunately), there are people who turn to alcohol to cope with their personal problems. As the coronavirus has created disruption in the lives of people across the world, especially in America, behaviors have…
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Our interview with Business Talk Radio

Catch my Interview with Business Talk Radio on August 5 at 8:25 AM CST

RenewYou Personal Energy Company has been invited to do its first ever national interview (the first actual interview in the company’s existence) with Business Talk Radio. You can catch me, Rajiv Bais, on at 8:25 AM CST by clicking on the link to the site or finding a radio station that carries the network. Stay…
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The Top 10 Super Brain Foods by Will Smith’s “Brain Coach”

As a “brain coach” who trains many celebrities (notable ones include Will Smith) to learn and retain more information with ease, Jim Kwik has insights on what to do with one of the body’s most important organs. In his new book Limitless, Kwik writes how a traumatic head injury that he suffered as a kid…
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Yes Man! Sugar can Depress You!

Everywhere people go sugary products create temptation for their taste buds. If they salivate and have the financial power or no need to pay, they will likely satisfy their hunger with what is in front of them. From candy bars to frozen caffeinated drinks to cookies to cupcakes, there are always sugary treats even though…
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